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The article about the biological effects of superlow doses (SLD) of biologically active substances by Professor E.B. Burlakova in this issue is definitely not an easy reading for anyone but specialists. It is a detailed review of an extended effort of biologists, biochemists and biophysicists of the Institute of Biochemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other institutions that sheds light on the puzzle of homeopathy and brings it to a new and much higher level. (Note, super-low concentration solutions were prepared in a standard way and whether or not they were stirred or shaken, used immediately or after aging, the outcome was not affected. Also, as Dr. Burlakova clarified, the majority of participating scientists embarked on the program with the intent to discredit “unscientific” claims of homeopathy, so any effect of experimenter’s expectation – see J. Solfvin’s article in this issue — may be disregarded.)

The author defines SLD – doses in concentrations between 10 -12 and 10-20 M, (M stands for molar solution: 1 gram-mole in 1 liter of solution) – as those “whose effectiveness cannot be consistently explained in the context of traditional theories and, hence, novel mechanisms should be explored.” Indeed, at these concentrations there are too few molecules – one per million or more —to impact cell receptors or interact with enzyme molecules stoichiometrically.

The author prefers one of the three hypotheses discussed in the article in attempt to explain the general mechanism of the effect: the biologically active substances in SLD may interact with organisms, cells and enzymes through water, i.e., through the modification of the water microstructure. The problem here is, and it is recognized by the author, that there are no known carriers of long-term memory in water unless, I would add, there is a yet unknown fundamental physical interaction, perhaps, the hypothetical biofield discussed in my previous articles. This, along with the observed effect of normalization of the physiological function of biological objects by lowering or enhancing it depending on the initial state of the object, seems to me, is the most important outcome of the study.

As a short-term result, this study will lead to development of new less harmful medicines, shed light on curative effects of diets and put homeopathy on a scientific ground. In view of this work, it is not excluded that the low intensity radiation of the recently used ammunition containing depleted uranium might have caused the unexpected physiological response in people.

Articles by W. Bengston on curing mice injected with mammary adenocarcinoma and by J. Solfvin on the most peculiar phenomenon related to the placebo effect – the attitude of the experimenter – are very much in line with the hypothesis of the biofield pursued by MISAHA. The current physical description of the universe is based on the observation of inanimate world only. New fundamental assumptions and a new way of thinking are needed to incorporate life and life-related phenomena in it. Now, when all the 30,000 genes of the human genome are deciphered (compared to 2,000 of a bacterium), it becomes clear that the genetic material of the organism acts indirectly, that a search for a higher level of organization is in order.

Savely Savva


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It is the purpose of MISAHA to scientifically validate alternative healing practices to make them more acceptable to conventional medical practitioners. We are concerned with healing individuals, but our overriding concern is to validate the process by which they are healed.

MISAHA is a scientific research center for the study of unconventional medical practices, with emphasis on psi-healing. MISAHA is a clinic providing services to the public. MISAHA is a self-sustaining, nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation


MISAHA is established for the advancement of sciences, and of medical science in particular

  by obtaining unequivocal statistical data on the efficacy and healing effects of the most talented individuals from throughout the world;

  by studying the healing process as a phenomenon by means of physics, physiology and psychology; and

  by presenting results of these studies to the international scientific community in an objective way through publication in scientific periodicals.

A credible description of healing phenomena will bring medical science and biology closer to an understanding of pathogenesis and the physiological function of the mind. In addition, it will broaden the physical picture of the world, introducing the mind as a physical reality.

MISAHA has established contacts with more than 300 institutions in the U.S. and abroad that are involved in the study of alternative medicine and psi-phenomena including the Office of Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health.

Current and future research projects are constantly reviewed in the MISAHA Newsletter and discussed with members of the MISAHA International Scientific Advisory Board.

The organizational concept of MISAHA as a self-sustaining Institute is based on the assumption that as soon as truly efficacious healers are identified and certified with respect to particular diseases through clinical trials, society will be willing to pay for their services, thus funding further research programs.

At this time MISAHA has a list of more than one hundred self-proclaimed psi-healers residing in the U.S. and other countries - a pool for further clinical verification of their effectiveness.

Back issues of MISAHA Newsletter are available at $5 a copy ($10 double issue).

The following are some of the articles therein:



        Savely Savva Comments on the NCCAM Five-Year Plan

        Marco Bischof Biofield Concepts and the Emergence of a Holistic Biophysics


        N. H. Phuong and T. T. Le Oriental Philosophy Fundamentals and Fuzzy Set by Mark Friedman


        Savely Savva Ms. Sun Chu-in - The Outstanding Gift to be Studied

        Thomas Dykstra Can Insects Detect Biofields?

        Y. V. Gotovsky Bioresonance and Multiresonance  Therapy in Russia

        Karen Ledger New Research in the Energy Psychotherapies

         Kenneth Sancier Search for Medical Applications of Qigong with the Computerized Qigong Database



































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Mei Lei , Ph.D. 
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Andrey Li, Ph.D.
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Inna A. Vartanian, D.Sc., M.D. 
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