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Updated September, 2000

Ms. Sun Chu-lin – the Outstanding Gift to be Studied.

Savely Savva

     When Dr. Shen Jin-chuan visited MISAHA in March 2000, he showed me samples of hundreds of  naturally occurring alumosilicates’ structures that he determined by means of roentgenostructural analysis and described in literature. Some 20 years ago I worked with naturally occurring zeolites like clinoptilolites, mordenites, etc., thus I could recognize familiar structures. However, this was not the subject of our common interest.
     Besides being Professor of the China University of Geosciences in Beijing, Dr. Shen belongs to a group of Chinese scientists who study psi phenomena – the ability of exceptionally gifted individuals to interfere with physical fields, material objects and living organisms by intent – under the umbrella of the Chinese Academy of Somatic Sciences. As I stated in my previous publications,[1] I believe that studying these phenomena as expressed by the most gifted individuals is one of the key approaches to the scientific comprehension of the biofield and the ultimate biophysics.  That’s why I was so much interested in what Dr. Shen had to say about Ms. Sun, the 43-year-young lady whom he has been fortunate to observe for the last 10 years.[2-7]
      Ms. Sun, as she describes it herself,[8] usually perceives or sees a screen in her mind to which she can project a previously seen picture or an image of a material object. Then, by conscious choice she can change this picture  by moving its elements for instance, or changing colors, or imparting new properties. Finally she projects the screen image onto a photosensitive paper or a film where it appears after development. On Fig.1 is a picture of a harbor that she projected from her mind screen onto a Polaroid paper inserted in a camera. If the image is a living organism, by seeing it on her mind screen she establishes an emotional bond with it. Then, by will. she brings desirable changes to the screen image that somehow are imparted to the organism. This is how she describes her telekinetic action.
      The diapason of Ms. Sun’s abilities, as described by Dr. Shen, exceeds anything I have ever heard of. The following is an abbreviated list of Ms. Sun’s feats observed and usually videotaped by Dr. Shen.

· Induction  of a magnetic field over her own and other individuals’ acupuncture points. Dr. Shen measured magnetic field tension over various acupuncture points of Ms. Sun and other individuals treated by her with two types of sensors (including high-sensitive Hall-effect sensor). During the special state, when psi-effects occur, intensity of the field measured at 10 cm over the skin was in the range of 300 y (1y =10-5 Oersted = 10(-9) Tesla in the air; the intensity of the earth magnetic field in Beijing as provided by the US Geological Survey is around 53,000 nT) with spikes up to 400 y . Ferromagnetic dust on a board placed over some acupuncture points built a concentrated spot 2 cm in diameter.[2]

· Projection of thermal energy into objects. Ms. Sun popped corns in her hands. She is capable of burning a suggested letter or a sign on a paper sheet or film by mental projection. A metal coin in her hand becomes heavily oxidized and the microscopic analysis distinctly shows recrystallization of the surface that is characteristic for temperatures of 300-400oC (Fig.2). She easily bends coins in her hand and metal rods at a distance.[6]

·  Transteleportation of objects through glass and wooden walls as well as over long distances. “Ms. Sun once ‘shook’ 62 tablets out of a factory-sealed medicine bottle. The tablets somewhat changed their appearance but the bottle remained intact.” – writes Dr. Shen. “Once she transferred a watch, a Mexican coin and a ring into a desk drawer of University Rector at a distance of around one kilometer.”[6] In literature, as far as I know, similar phenomena were mentioned as performed by Zhang Bao-sheng,[9] Thomaz Green,[10] and Sai Baba (not personally observed by E. Haraldsson).[11]

·  Psychokinetically moving objects at a distance. On the video clip that Dr. Shen downloaded on my computer a plastic button 12-15 mm diameter is placed in a transparent plastic box approximately 9x14 cm and covered by a transparent plastic lid. The box was placed on a horizontal table and videotaped from above while Ms. Sun reportedly operated from a distance of 3 m. The trajectory of the button is shown on Fig.3 with timing that I inserted from the clip. An interesting comparison: Ninel Kulagina, the late well-recorded Russian psychic, moved objects only toward herself and from a much closer distance.12 On another video clip Ms. Sun stops the pointer of an alarm clock for up to 30 seconds while the ticking continues to be heard.

·  Materialization or transmutation of chemical elements. In one of the video clips Ms. Sun holds and shakes a commercially sealed bottle with deionized drinking water for 7 minutes (the actual time could have been longer). During the process one can see the water gradually growing turbid and obtaining a yellowish shade. After settling one sees a floating yellow phase about 5% of the total volume (Fig.4). According to Dr. Shen, chemical analysis of this phase showed a petroleum-like mixture of hydrocarbons. In other experiments water in a small glass flask was sealed by welding (Fig.5) and Ms. Sun synthesized a particular medicine, a perfume and other organic substances as requested that were identified by mass-spectrometric chromatography and IR absorption spectrometry.[6]

  Acceleration of plants’ development.  Up to 28-centimeter-long sprouts of various species of beans were produced by Ms. Sun in 5 to 10 minutes, according to Dr. Shen. When a bean was placed on the back of a loaded Polaroid camera, the growing sprout emitted a high-energy radiation (probably, electromagnetic) that penetrated the back lid of the camera and exposed the paper (Fig.6). According to Dr. Shen, these feats were repeated more than three hundred times on different species (wheat, beans, peas, nuts, etc., with a direct contact and without, while the seeds were in water or in the air, while working on one seed or on a group. In one of the clips two beans were placed in a shallow dish filled with pot water. Ms. Sun holds her fingers and concentrates on one of them for 5 minutes 20 seconds during which time a 3-4 centimeter-long sprout emerges (Fig.7). In another short clip the sprout “jumps” approximately 1 mm out of a peanut held in two fingers just in front of the camera objective.
      A cytological study of 3-4 mm wheat sprouts that emerged after 45 minutes of distant treatment by Ms. Sun revealed an indication of a substantially greater activity of ATPase in the cytoplasm, around the cellular membrane and in the nucleus of cells, as compared to sprouts of the same size germinated normally in control (ATPase or adenosinetri-phosphatase is an enzyme that catalyzes releas of chemical energy of adenosine triphosphate – source of energy in the cell).[7]

Revitalization of totally denatured seeds. Although this effect was observed by Dr. Shen tens of times with various objects, the most spectacular feat by Ms. Sun was observed in December 1996.[3,4] A 20-member delegation of the International Association “Man – Cosmos” lead by its President, Dr. Wang Jia-yu, and Vice-President of the Chinese Institute of Somatic Sciences, Dr. Liu Hui-yi, visited a place called Le-yu-Ling in Malaysia. Some of the members suggested Ms. Sun to check whether this ecologically pure place is conducive to the manifestation of her paranormal abilities. One of the attendants pulled out a can of fried, salted and peppered peanuts Malaysian stile that he enjoyed eating and handed one red-pepperred peanut over to Ms. Sun. Holding this peanut between her palms Ms. Sun performed a strange dance for 12 minutes (the video clip Dr. Shen left with me shows only five minutes of this dance, and it looks very energetic). When looking exhausted she opened her hands, to the astonishment of the group a 10-11 cm (~4”- long, no water added!) seedling emerged with a developed root system, a stem to which the peppered peanut was attached, and two little green leaves (Fig.8). The Malaysian member of the delegation planted this seedling in a flower pot and by March 2000 Dr. Shen heard of the fifth healthy generation of the plant. Among the eyewitnesses of this event were Yang Dian-xiang, Professor of the Iner-Mongolian Medical Institute, Niu Shi-wei, Professor of Mathematics at the Postgraduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Gu Han-sen, researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Energy of CAS, Liu Fu-xing, MD with the Chinese Institute of Somatic Sciences, scientists and businessmen from Taiwan.
      Experiments with revitalization of peanuts denatured in a microwave, with eggs in which the white of the egg was hardened and then liquefied back by Ms. Sun’s intent, etc. were repeated,  more than ten times each.[3]  The only similar phenomenon I know of is the feat by Thomaz Morton Green of Brazil described by Lee Pulos and Gary Richman when Thomaz produced living chicks out of unfertilized eggs in 14 minutes.[10]

      As with all exceptionally psi-gifted individuals, the ability to produce an effect cannot be switched on any time on request. According to Pulos and Richman, Thomaz could regularly and easily perform metal bending but didn’t know in advance what kind and whether at all he will be able to perform other feats this evening. Ms. Sun said that she is confident that she would be able to produce accelerated plant development at least one time during two weeks period. Unreproducible is the condition of the experiment, i.e., the state of the operator, not the result, and this is what I call the “uncertainty principle of biophysics.”[1]

Studying instead of proving,
 accumulating facts before theorizing

      I personally believe that neither Dr. Shen nor other eyewitnesses of Ms. Sun’s feats were fooled. The videotapes could be distorted and forged but not necessarily were. However, with all due respect to Dr. Shen and his colleagues, his fascinating videotapes and his publications will hardly overcome the natural scepticism of scientists brought up within the current paradigm. Who would challenge the laws of conservation of mass and energy that have been proven during the history of human civilization?
      The truth is that the current physical description of the universe is based strictly on observations of the inanimate world. Physics of life or the ultimate biophysics may bring substantial corrections to current fundamental laws of nature. Whether or not Dr. Shen’s observations as well as observations and publications by many other serious scientists (mentioned above and in my article[1]) represent a proof that the unexplainable phenomena are real, a serious scientific study of exceptionally psi-gifted individuals like Ms. Sun is in order.
      The ability of Ms. Sun to alter mechanical and structural properties of metals similar to that of Uri Geller and Thomaz Green can be easily and not expensively studied in a contemporary metallurgical laboratory. Standard samples can be made of different metal alloys, including steals with various crystalline structures, and tested in the process and after the psi treatment on standard testing equipment. The common elongation vs. stretching force diagram can give a reliable quantitative evaluation of any change of mechanical properties. Microstructural analysis can reveal changes in the dislocation concentration, as observed by Haston,[13] and temperature fields at the grain level. Nobody, to my knowledge, studied the spectrum of electromagnetic as well as a and b radiation in the process of psi treatment that may or may not accompany the effect.
      A comprehensive study of Ms. Sun’s ability to accelerate plants development is, in my opinion, most urgent and highly important. A program of such a study should be  developed in collaboration by a team of biologists that would include developmental biologists, plant physiologists, plant geneticists, cytologists, etc. and biophysicists. Anything can be expected from changes in intercellular and intracellular molecular activity to materialization or transmutation of atomic elements.
      Systematic study of Ms. Sun as well as other exceptionally psi-gifted individuals may really broaden the physical picture of the world. Perhaps, it will lead to the explanation of how the genome works – not just how it is structured, to the understanding of why and how acupuncture works and how to fully utilize the wisdom of Eastern traditional medical systems. Ignoring all these observations would be not only unforeseeing but indecent.
      As I stated previously,[14] there must be a General Control System of the Organism (GCSO) including its system of operative control, that is carried by a yet-unknown physical field that I call Biofield. GCSO operates all four fundamental programs of a living organism: development, maintenance, reproduction and death using sensory as well as extrasensory (i.e. psi or biofield communication) perception for interaction with the environment. This biofield must be a physical field – a universal reality – that develops along with the entire genetic material of the organism  (the good-old biologists of the middle of the 20th century believed that biofield is the epiphenomenon of the genome) and, as Ervin Laszlo suggested,[15] is a part of the universal psi field.
      As all human abilities widely distributed in the population with respect to intensity, so is the ability to consciously (intentionally) mobilize and control the biofield communication with the environment, perhaps including the global and/or universal psi field. The most impressive scientific studies of the biofield describe effects of the outstandingly gifted individuals such as Olga Worrell – by Beverly Rubik and Elizabeth Rauscher[16] – in the US, Ninel Kulagina – by Gennady Dulnev et al.[17] – in Russia, Yang Xin – by Lu Zuyin et al.[18] – in China, Uri Geller – by John Hasten[13] – in England. Studying Ms. Sun is an opportunity to further this line of scientific inquiry that should not be missed.


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